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Welcome to The Recruiter Project!

We’re here to clear a few things up and get a dialogue opened up so that the world of technical recruiting (on both sides) becomes a better place. If you’re someone with high-demand technology skills (e.g. a Ruby on Rails Software Developer) or you’re recruiting to fill a position in one of these fields, you already know that things are a little less than ideal.

Some things we’ve heard from Nerds about Recruiters:

  • Why are they calling me? I hate phone calls.
  • Why would I ever talk to a recuiter? I like my job just fine.
  • Why can’t recruiters give me the information I actually care about?
  • I hate recruiters.

Some things we’ve heard from Recruiters about Nerds:

  • Candidates rarely respond to me, even when I’ve done my homework.
  • I’m not a Nerd so I have no idea what questions to ask.
  • What do Nerds want to hear about potential opportunities?
  • My job is to connect the right people with the right jobs, not trick anybody.

We’ll be talking with Recruiters, Nerds, CEOs, VPs, Managers, etc, and posting semi-regular content to help everyone out.

So fire up your RSS reader and subscribe, and send an e-mail over to ckdake@ckdake.com with any questions you’d like answered!

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Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly / @ckdake

Curator of The Recruiter Project